Causam is solving the communications needs of the intelligent power grid.

Soon, every power grid element will support two-way internet-based communication. We design the products and solutions that let consumers, generating utilities, communications carriers, retail electric providers, distributed generators and commercial customers harness the power of this next-generation energy framework.

Real-time Communication

Increase messaging and telecommunications exchange speed among grid elements, existing grid deployments, and intelligent management systems.

Advanced Settlement

Deliver rapid payments to generators and settle consumption with energy markets in days instead of weeks.

Distributed Generation

Enable distributed energy resources to aggregate capacity and generation to the market level.

Intelligent Analytics

Make decisions and forecasts based on high-velocity, revenue-grade data captured from grid elements, meters, generators, controls, and distribution networks.

Causam Energy in the News

RALEIGH, July 29, 2014 Dawn Kurry, Triangle BizBlog -- Raleigh-based Causam Energy, a two-year-old technology development company in the smart grid space, will acquire San Diego-based Power Analytics Corp, a company founded in 1983 that develops software and professional services.

NEW YORK, April 24, 2014 /PRNewsWire/ -- Premier Alliance Group Inc. (OTCQB: PIMO) announced it has signed an agreement with Power Generation Services Inc. (PoGens) to provide fully integrated solutions to clients who want to monetize back-up power generation assets by participating in ISO-sponsored Demand Response Programs.

About Causam

Fixing the grid means tackling problems around communications, settlements, generation and analytics.
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The Causam Energy software platform is architected to deliver real-time communications, payment, and data services to all intelligent power grid participants. Causam Energy enables construction of innovative power software grid applications at a fraction of classic costs. Causam designed our platform from the ground up to meet new needs like data ingress proliferation, consumer marketing and response optimization and to maximize return on technology for existing smart meter, market management, and enterprise software investment. We integrate to existing enterprise systems and applications to maximize investment.

Advanced Energy Settlements

Currently, legacy settlements to generators follow an inefficient, synchronous process based on data approximation, manual exchange, and credit float. AES fixes that by providing real time, revenue grade data capture, distributed settlement algorithms, and automated electronic payment exchange to connect consumers and generators.

Distributed Generation

Power Generation Services, Inc. (PoGens™), a licensee of Causam technologies, is a turnkey provider of managed energy services for Distributed Generation and Distributed Energy Resources to commercial customers in North America. In an increasingly complex and ever changing energy environment, their mission is to leverage our national energy services platform to assist customers in the transition toward cleaner energy, while enhancing profitability of generation assets.

High Speed Ethernet Communication

The evolution to next generation, high speed, bi-directional Internet Protocol based communication is happening, with the help of our communications partners and carriers. Wired and wireless connectivity to grid elements such as meters, consumer controls, distributed generators, intelligent switching, electric vehicles, point of sale terminals will enable rapid data exchange and collaboration.

Analytics and Intelligence

The number of grid elements, sensors, consumers, generators will continue to increase. Grid participants have more visibility than ever into the operations, but no way to harness the information and make decisions and recommendations. Causam’s product line is architected from the beginning to be ready for the exponential data increase on the Power Grid as more devices and systems become interconnected. And to capture the packet level information, revenue extraction information, event detection, forecasting, intelligence, and enterprise integration so your current systems get smarter.

We enable our customers to improve their bottom line with our solutions and technology.

What We Believe

Modernizing the grid is about more than just advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), traditional demand response (DR), and statistical modeling. It’s about real time data for real time analytics and real time decision making combined with customer engagement. It’s about improving our national security, the reliability of the grid and harnessing renewable energy sources.


Joe Forbes, CEO
Joe is a multi-faceted executive whose ability to evaluate, manage and create technology companies have driven historically high investor returns. He has created five successful technology companies in wireless communications, consulting, towers, hardware/software development and clean tech energy over the previous 17 years with high returns to investors through public/private exits, leveraged buyouts and successful capital formation with Fortune 100 Companies. Most recently through Causam and Private Equity, he has created four new operating companies focused on Intellectual Property, 4G focused distributed data centers on remediated land, and distributed energy.
Taylor Brockman, CTO
Taylor has 16 years of venture capital backed software product innovation and delivery experience in the mobile commerce, medical benefits management, and electrical Smart Grid industries. Taylor co-founded Motricity (Nasdaq: MOTR) in September 1999 and was instrumental in growing the company to more than $100 million in annual revenues and 500 employees globally. As Motricity’s Research Technology Architect, Taylor invented, designed, and implemented one of the industry's leading mobile content delivery platforms - a platform that has delivered more than $3 billion of content to mobile phones. He is founder of Brain Power Software, LLC, a technology integration company for the Health Care Industry helping clients securely configure and exchange data with the Benefitfocus Platform.
Douglas A. Bulleit, PE, Executive Director of Telecom Strategy
Following twelve years as its Chief Strategist, Mr. Bulleit left BellSouth in 2007 to assume the role of founder and Managing Partner at Disintegrated Communication Systems (DCS), LLC⎯a start-up focused upon advanced web search and healthcare consumerism. At BellSouth, Mr. Bulleit focused primarily upon core business growth initiatives. In particular, his work resulted in a material expansion of BellSouth’s convergent digital networking, broadband/IP, electronic commerce and Managed Services positions. Prior to his corporate strategy tenure, he spent six years as President of BellSouth’s Advanced Networks Group: unregulated units developing an assortment of enhanced network services.
Tom Noyes, Executive Director of Product Design

Tom has over 20 years of experience in banking, payments, advertising, venture finance, eCommerce, mobile and product innovation. He has worked with leading banks, mobile operators, advertisers, payment networks, and regulators globally to bring innovations to consumers. He provides a unique perspective based upon his global experience as a senior executive with Citibank, Oracle and multiple start-ups. He has built high performance global teams focused on bringing new products to market, both directly to consumers and to Fortune 100 companies.

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